Westfield Mens 1st 2 Broomgrove Mens 1sts 7

Broomgroves 4th match of the season was against the perennially title challenging Westfield. Westfield had a couple of players missing compared to their strongest possible lineup and it was down to Broomgrove to capitalize.

The Broomgrove team was 1st pair Joe and David, 2nd pair Adam and Craig & 3rd pair Steve and Mike.

The first round of matches kicked off with 3 rubbers playing simultaneously. Broomgroves first and second pairs quickly dispatched their opposition in 2, whilst the third pair lost in 3, in a rubber which swung drastically either way throughout the 3 ends.

Rubber 4 saw Joe and David in a close 3 ended win against Andy Torrey and his partner Stafford. This was followed by Adam and Craig demolishing the Jones father and son pairing to 9 and 13, Steve and Mike then won against the experienced Cocker and Dye 13 and 10 too win the match at 5-1 with 3 ends left!

Rubber 7 saw an upset with a rather fast shuttle affecting Joe and Davids control of the court and they eventually lost in 3 the final end to 17. However knowing how important the count of rubbers can be at the end of the season, following the combined teams championship last season, the Broomgrove team kept focused to win the final 2 rubbers both in 3 ends. This meant the game finished 7-2 and a very strong indication of Broomgroves intent to win the first division this year.


Joe and David 281 points played, won 153 lost 128 =+25

Adam and Craig 238 points played, won 142 lost 99 =+43

Steve and Mike 240 points played, won 136 lost 114 =+22

Man of the match Craig, 3 matches in 4 days and 7 of 9 rubbers won. Specifically today Adam and Craig played well with Craigs deft touches winning points and setting up Adam for whoopass smashes.

4 matches 4 wins next up Westfield at home in a months time.

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