Broomgrove Ladies: 1 – Westfield: 8

Report by Sonja:

Player of the match: Sam

The third match of the season saw us taking on a young but very talented Westfield. It was also the first division one outing for Jane & Kate. A tough opener for our reliable reserve pairing.
Round one started promising with Hannah and Sam beating Westfield’s number 3 pairing to 18 and 16 and Ada and Sally only losing out very narrowly to the number one pairing to 12 and 19. Jane and Kate started their match against arguably the strongest opposition pairing at number 2 managing to improve significantly in the second set. Scores after round one: 2-1 to Westfield.

Round two continued with Sally and Ada again losing out narrowly to 16 and 17 and Sam and Hannah managing to take the number 2 pairing to a respectable 18 and 13. Jane and Kate improved some more for their second game against the first pairing. Scores after round two: 5-1 to Westfield

The final round saw Ada and Sally losing their game against a strong second pairing. Hannah and Sam also didn’t manage to capitalise on their previous success and were defeated to 15 and 18. Jane and Kate really rallied in their final game and after some excellent cross court drop shots from both players started the game off with a healthy lead over the third pairing. Unfortunately the other side was able to outplay us with some cleverly placed shots and some scarily strong smashes from someone that young and small. Scores after round three: 8-1 to Westfield.

Player of the match went to Sam for her excellent and consistent effort.

Overall a reasonable effort from the Broomgrove Ladies. In the post-match discussions in the pub we have even been able to come up with a very fitting team anthem, so a productive evening after all.:

Onwards and upwards. Beaverhill next


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