Broomgrove Ladies: 2 – Notts Northern 7 (31/10/13)

The second game of the season saw the ladies take on Notts Northern who are known for their strong players and fared rather well last season. It was also our first match at our new home venue at Forge Valley.

Round 1 kicked off with Sonja and Becca warming up against Notts first pairing and after a slow start and finish, Notts took that point pretty easily. Ada and Sally did a little better in their first game against the number 2 pairing, but were still defeated in the end. Game three saw a newly refreshed and determined Sam and Hannah step up to the plate, taking their game in 3 sets to get the first point for Broomgrove ladies in Division 1. Scores after round one: 1-2 to Notts.

Round 2 saw Ada and Sally take on the number 1 pairing, losing narrowly in two sets. Sonja and Becca continued their losing streak with another disappointing game, only for Hannah and Sam to also lose their second game achieving the same score line as Ada and Sally. Scores after round 2: 1-5 to Notts.

Round 3 started much better for Becca and Sonja who seemed to have found their playing mojo and managed to play much much better. We still didn’t manage a win, but it actually felt like we were playing a proper game of badminton. Better late than never. Ada and Sally have yet another close loss against Notts number 3. Leaving it to Hannah and Sam to finish on a high by winning their final rubber in 3 sets. Scores after round 3: 2-7 to Notts ladies

There was a definite improvement from the last game and hopefully Sally and Ada will be able to pick up their first very well deserved points soon. Notts Northern were good sports and it all round turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable match.

Player of the match was difficult to decide as both Hannah and Sam played exceptionally well. However, after some deliberation, the player of the match accolade goes to Hannah, for traveling back to Sheffield during her half term holidays just to play the match. That’s commitment.

Next up: Westfield at Home.



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