Mens1 7 – 2 Ranmoor (1/11/13)

Report by Dave:
With the season now well under way, Broomgrove men’s first team faced an unknown entity in the newly promoted Ranmoor. Team selection was difficult with Adam and Rich Grainger both away, and with Joe working in Bath during the day on Friday. The plan was made to start with two courts and hope Joe could make it in time to join in.
So the first two games started well, with Steve and Mike and Craig and Pete winning their first ends 21 – 16 and 21 – 17 respectively. The second ends were a mixed bag, with Steve and Mike tying the first rubber of the night up in comfortable fashion, winning 21-10. Pete and Craig let the Ranmoor second pair back in however, losing the second end 21-10. After a quick chat, Pete and Craig turned it on to comfortably take the third end 21 – 12. 2-0 Broomgrove, however still no sign of Joe who at last contact was stationary on the M1. Luckily he arrived shortly after and with a short warm up we got to work. After leading for the entirety of the first end, the Ranmoor pair snatched it 22-20. Myself (Dave) and Joe were unsure how we had lost it and went to work putting it right taking the next two ends both to 11. 3-0 Broomgrove.
Keeping with the score card Craig and Pete went up against Ranmoor 1 and myself and Joe took on Ranmoors second pair. Both games were over in two ends, myself and Joe winning to 11 and 9 and Craig and Peter to 15 and 18. The game was now wrapped up at 5-0 but plenty of badminton was still to be played. Mike and Steve then faced the strongest Ranmoor pair by far. The first end went Broomgroves way, taking it to 14, however the game then became very tight. In a tough second game the Ranmoor pair leveled things, taking the end 21 – 19. Never to let there heads drop, Mike and Steve battled on, however in a very tight and tense third end the Ranmoor pair again nicked it 21 – 19. 5 – 1 Broomgrove with one end left to play.
In the final set of matches myself and Joe were again straight back on court – against Ranmoors first pair, again the game was taken in 2 ends, winning -13 and -17. Joe certainly showing why he is one of the best players in the league. After Mike and Steve’s defeat in the previous game they had the grit between their teeth and took any lingering frustration out on Ranmoor”s second pair, dismantling them -9 and -14. It was then Craig and Pete’s turn to take on the oppositions strongest pair. This, again, turned out to be a very close encounter, Ranmoor took the first end to 13 and it was evident Craig and Pete were not happy with how they had played. They made things right in the second where a confident performance lead to a 21 – 16 victory. In the final nervy end, the Ranmoor pairing unfortunately just managed to get over the line first, taking it – 18. A final, and respectable, 7-2, which on another night could easily have been 9 – 0.
1. Steve and Mike
Overall points WON – 143. LOST – 105. DIFFERENCE +38
2. Pete and Craig
Overall points WON – 146. LOST – 131 DIFFERENCE + 15.
3. Dave and Joe
Overall points WON – 146. LOST – 94. DIFFERENCE + 52.
The man of the match award undoubtedly goes to Joe – after a 6 hour drive to make it just on time, he was sharp and the opposition could not cope with his style of play. Real commitment to get there and a great performance.
I would also like to thank Jarek (sorry if my spelling is incorrect) who was ready and waiting to stand in for Joe if he hadn’t made it, much appreciated.
We look forward to welcoming the skipper Adam back against a tough Westside team (previously Mosborough) next Saturday. Mainly so I don’t have to buy the biscuits.
Regards, Dave Jones

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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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