Broomgrove Mens 1 vs University Staff 5-4

The second match of the season was at Broomgroves alternative home venue and saw the return of Peter and David to the lineup. Many of University Staffs players were unknown entities, but Broomgrove knew to not underestimate the challenge ahead.

The team saw Joe and David pair up together, Adam and Steve as second pair, with Mike and Peter completing the team.

The first set of rubbers put Broomgrove 2-1 up with all three rubbers being finished in 2 games.

The second set of rubbers really put a cat among the pigeons with University staff winning 2 of the 3 rubbers, taking the match to 3 all after a tight 3 end loss by Joe and David.

However Broomgrove kept a cool head and won 2 of the remaining rubbers, Joe and David clinching the tie 16 and 17.

On the night Adam and Steve were the strongest pairing winning all 3 games in 2 ends. Mike and Peter battled hard but without fruition and Joe and Dave winning 2.

Next up Ranmoor which is sure to be a close match and is a must win if a title challenge is to be mounted.

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