Combined 7-2 Paces (18/10/13)

Team: Hannah, Sally, Sam; Steve, Adam, Joe

Player of the match: Sam

For this match, we welcome Sally, Joe and Adam to the starting line-up for this our first home match of the season.

This Paces side were to be no push-overs.  They had played only one match, and had beaten Notts Northern by the same score that we had achieved – 7-2.  While they were missing the strong Alex, they were to field a line-up with no weak links.

In the first three games, Ad and Steve comfortably swept aside the opponents in two.  Joe and Sam similarly made light work of their mixed match-up.  Unfortunately, Hannah and Sally were unable to take the spoils in a tough two ender.  2-1 Broomgrove.

Steve was next to partner Joe in what looked like another one-sided affair, with a score of 21-9 in the first.  However, the Paces men rallied in the second, taking it to a close 21-17 in the second.  Sally and Adam coolly dispatched their opponents in two.

Then came the match of the evening.  Hannah and Sammie stepped onto the court meaning business.  Without ladies win this season, Broomgrove’s two ladies meant to correct this trend.   Going down 16-21 in the first only stiffened their resolve.  Out they came to win the second and third to 15 and 14.  Boom! Game, Rubber and Match.  5-1 Broomgrove.

In the third volley of rubbers, Steve and Hannah were first to step on court.  In two quick games, of 21-16 and 21-15 they were to continue their unbeaten run this season.  Unfortunately, Ad and Sally were unable to win their second mixed of the night.  However, we were to record a win in the final rubber of the night where Joe and Sammie were to win in two.  7-2 Broomgrove.

We always enjoy our matches against Paces.  They are a friendly and competitive squad who always play the game in a good spirit.  We look forward to playing them at their place later in the season.

The player of the match award goes to Sammie.  This is not only for her 3 out of 3 hit rate, but also for her part in the awesome ladies match where the ladies duck this season was put to bed.

Go Broomgrove!


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