Notts Northern 2-7 Combined (13/10/13)

Team: Ada, Sam, Hannah; Mike, Rich, Steve

Player of the match: Rich

The Combined team’s defence of the first division kicked off on Sunday with an away fixture out in the wilds of Worksop.  We were to play a revamped Notts Northern side that included a couple of young lads that I didn’t recognise.  For our part, we had somewhat of a new look team.  Rich was playing in his first match, and also Hannah too.

With all the courts available for the whole night, the rubbers went on in threes.  Steve and Hannah quickly dispatched the weaker mixed pairing.  Mikey and Rich also won in two, but not without a brave fight from the two stronger men for the home side.  Sammy and Ada were oh so close as they lost in three gruelling games; neither pairing were giving anything away and the rubber lasted twice as long as the other two.  2-1 to Broomgrove.

The second volley of rubbers saw Steve and Mikey pick up another point in a one sided affair.  Rich and Sam were then to face the stronger mixed pairing.  The lady was awesome at the net, but rarely moved back.  This opened up the options for our pair.  They won the first comfortably, but let the home pair back in to level at one each; the final game just going to Broomgrove.  Ada and Hannah were unable to capitalise on in their match-up, but did get as close as 24-22 in the second.  4-2 Broomgrove.

With three mixed games left to play, we only needed one more to seal the match.  Rich and Sammy were to take the glory with an easy win, leaving the rest of us to focus on goal difference.  Steve and Hannah also won in two, against the stronger mixed pairing.  Hannah played amazingly and her ability to play and win points from all over the court was the difference between the two pairings.  Mikey and Ada were to play an epic three ender.  Poor Ada, who had been struck down with a cold, had now been involved in three mammoth games!  But it was worth the struggle as they clinched the third end for a 24-22 win.  7-2 Broomgrove.

It was a good-natured match played against a competitive team.  They’ve bags of potential with some cracking young players.  We wish them all the best and look forward to the home fixture.

Player of the match could have gone to any of the team, but I’ve gone for Rich, who took all three of his rubbers in style.  Not bad for his first match!

Go Broomgrove!


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2 Responses to Notts Northern 2-7 Combined (13/10/13)

  1. Gordon Bache says:

    Awesome effort guys!

  2. stevedow says:

    Cheers Gord! When do we get our guest visit from Broomgrove’s favourite old boy?

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