Broomgrove Social – CAMRA – Saturday 26 October

Hark! It’s that time of year again when we gird our loins and raise our glasses (no, not spectacles) to the air in exultation, for ye, the Steel City Beer Festival at Pond’s Forge begins on the 23rd of October. Now, we social secretaries thought it would be all rather jolly and splendid if we got ourselves along for the Saturday session i.e. 26th Oct. Proposed arrival time is 1400 and I’m hoping we might have sufficient people to have a decent crack at the beer festival quiz scheduled for 15:00.

Entry is £5 before 7 pm, but a mere £1 for CAMRA members. Please e-mail any of the social secretaries if you are keen on going so that we might gauge interest.

So here’s to another real ale/cider-fuelled day of Broomgrove jocularity. Cheers!


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A little person from Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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