Broomgrove Social – Dronfield Beer festival – Saturday 3rd August

Greetings all,

Your triumvirate of social secretaries (the ‘social secs group’ as Steve likes to call us) have managed to agree on the next club social. The 3 Valleys Festival in Dronfield (and its surroundings) has been held annually for the past 3 years and sees around 10 pubs in the locality hold a community real ale festival linked by free bus services. Given the resounding success of this festival, a new venture has been inaugurated, namely, 3 Valleys II – The Ridge which takes place on 3rd August and is very similar in set-up as the original 3 Valleys save that the list of participating pubs is slightly different.

So, the plan is to meet up at The Sheffield Tap in the early afternoon (probably around noon) for some exceptional beers before catching the train to Dronfield to begin the pub crawl. Exact times and route will follow in the next few weeks; the latter will have to wait until the beer list for each participating pub has been announced so we can be assured of visiting the pubs with the best selections.

Having done the 3 Valleys for the first time this year on a glorious sunny day I can tell you that this is a superb run with outdoor facilities all along the route to accommodate those of us that worship at the altar of Sol.

If you’re interested in attending simply e-mail any one of the socials secretaries at:

So here’s to a grand day out! Cheers,



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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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