University 2 – 7 Ladies (3/5/13)

Team: Sam & Sonja, Ada & Becca, Jane & Kate

Player of the match: TEAM BROOMGROVE

After having lost the match against Oakbrook the week before and Abbeydale winning against Ranmoor in their final match of the season the fight for second place was truly on. A win alone wasn’t going to be enough to go above Abbeydale in the table. A 6-3 win would have drawn us level on points and goal difference, so only a 7-2 would have done.

The game couldn’t have been any tighter with the majority of matches going to three. Round one began with Sam and Sonja beating their first pairing over three rubbers, having lost their first one, Ada and Becca easily beating the number two pairing and Jane and Kate also taking theirs to three, having won their first rubber 23-25 (!). Score after round one: 1-2 in Broomgrove’s favour.

Round two gave some reprieve with all three Broomgrove pairings winning their games. Sam and Sonja started well but dipped a little in concentration (or was it sheer tiredness?) for their second rubber, claiming it eventually to 18. Ada and Becca also appeared to have a more difficult game against the uni’s first pairing, taking their game also to three. Jane and Kate fought hard in their second game against the number 2 pairing and came back after having lost the first rubber, to claim their well-deserved victory. Score after round two: 1-5 to Broomgrove. The win in the bag, but not out of the woods yet.

Round three continued with Sam and Sonja beating the number two pairing in two rubbers. Jane and Kate lost their final game against a strong first pairing, although it must be said they fought valiantly taking all of their games to three and losing only narrowly in the final rubber to 18. Ada and Becca then took up the suspense by winning their first rubber to 14, but then losing the second rubber to 17 taking yet another game to 3. They thankfully made for more easy watching by winning the final rubber to 11.

Score after round 3: 2-7 to Broomgrove.


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