Paces 3 – 6 Combined (7/5/13)

Team: Ada, Laura, Sam; Steve, Adam, Joe

Player of the match: Too tough to call.  Going to give this one to the whole team!

The league title was to be decided on the outcome of this match, so there was a lot of pressure on our players.  However, we travelled to the Paces venue with a full strength group and the confidence of a team that has only lost one all season.

Looking at our opponents, we knew that the ladies were in for a tough night.  The Paces ladies play regularly in the First Division and have lots of strength in depth.  However, Ada and Laura were close with games of 20 and 17.  Sam and Ada were closer still with a 3 ender, losing out to 18 in the third.

And the men were no push overs.  While Ad and Steve took their first to 7, they were a surprised by the improvement of their opponents, who pushed them all the way to a 22-24 win in the second.  Joe and Steve were closer still in their first end, winning 25-27!  The second was a little more comfortable, taking this to 11.

So at the end of the levels rubbers, the score was finely balanced at 2-2.However, knowing that Paces’s star player, Alex, could certainly win both of his, and that the Paces women could be a real threat in the mixed, all was to play for.

Adam and Laura picked up their rubber against the weaker Paces pair to give us a 3-2 advantage.  Next up was Ada and Steve’s rubber, and Joe and Sam in their rubber against Alex and his partner.  When both Broomgrove pairings lost their first games, Adam and Laura looked on ashen faced, trying to list the spirits of their comrades.  This must have made the difference as both pairs made dramatic turn-arounds to take the rubbers in three.  At this point the match (5-2), and league were ours!

Two more to play then.  Adam and Laura, who was nursing an injury, lost to 12 and 17, and Jos and Sam took theirs in three, making the final score 6-3 to Broomgrove.

The first division is ours this year, and this marks quite a pinnacle in Broomgrove’s league achievements.  Thanks to my great squad and club in helping to make this happen!

We  all wave our goodbyes to Laura who is moving to Oxford soon, and we hope that she visits the club frequently, and certainly whenever she is in Sheffield.  We all hope to regroup in September and again challenge for the first division title!

Go Broomgrove!


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