Combined 6 – 3 Ranmoor (19/4/13)

Team: Ada, Sam, Sally; Mikey, Steve Ada.

Player of the match: Sally

This was our penultimate match of the season.  And as the season draws to a close, so our chances of winning the first division increase.  However, so does the tension!  And given this context, I was a little worried about facing Ranmoor in this match.

Following expectations, our men’s rubbers went our way without dropping a game.  As for the ladies matches, Ada and Sam were oh so close to the first, with a 19 and 19 loss.  However, Ada rallied and enjoyed a fine match with Sally comeback where, having lost the first at 20-22, they took the next two in style, with a 16 and an 11!

So with 3 of the four levels rubbers going our way, we move to the mixed rubbers.  Ranmoor pairing, Rich and Karen, proved to be too strong for both our second and third pairings. I hope for more competitive mixed games against that strong pair in the future!  Both 2nd and 3rd pairings managed to take the other mixed game.  Then, to finish the might in style, Mikey and Ada went on to win the first mixed too.

So that’s three out of three for Mikey: surely a contender for the coveted ‘player of the match’?  Of course he is, but this week, it’s going to Sally for winning one her mixed in a newish pairing with Adam, for going so close with Sammie, and taking the three ender with Ada.

I enjoyed the evening for the chance to meet the Ranmoor team (I missed the away match).  They were a very sociable bunch of players who played the games in good spirit.  We welcome them to the first division, and expect them to be around for more competitive matches in years to come.

It also gave me the chance to pick their brains about their kits (they use the same company that we are using).  They offered some good info, and even got involved in the voting action!

So now only one more match to go; this one against Paces in May.  Let’s see if we can finish the season off in style.  If so, I trust you’ll all make it to the Badminton Sheffield trophy night at the end of the season?

Go Broomgrove!


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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One Response to Combined 6 – 3 Ranmoor (19/4/13)

  1. dadum86 says:

    Well done folks, lets get a good crowd at the trophy evening, always a good laugh

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