Broomgrove ladies 7 – Ecclesfield 2

Team: Sally & Nicola; Ada & Becca; Jane & Sonja

Player of the match: Jane

Same team, same opposition different venue. Having only narrowly won at Ecclesfield earlier in the year, we felt that a more comprehensive win was required at home…after all we are still hot on Abbeydale’s heels with possible promotion back to division one still possible, so every point counts. The evening began with both of Broomgrove’s first and second pairing taking their first two matches one more easily than the other. Our number three pairing (Jane & Sonja) managed to lose their first match, obviously needing a warm up first. Round two of matches continued well with Sally and Nicola now finding their stride and making it a little easier for themselves, taking their next point. Ada and Becca were on their usual winning form and also took their point through sheer outplaying of the opposition. Jane and Sonja’s second game also went better, the pairing having now found their rhythm and hence beating Ecclesfield’s number 2 pairing. The match already in the bag at this point, we were all able to relax a little bit for the final round, although of course, every point counts this late in the season. So it was up to Nicola and Sally to finish off their evening in style by taking the third one of their points beating a now tired opposition. Matches were played a little out of order on request of the opposition needing a rest, so Ada and Becca continued the match and again didn’t disappoint by also making it a full 3 points. Jane and Sonja then played the final game of the night, losing the first rubber to 18. This only seems to have invigorated Jane who was now fired up to take the second rubber, only to be narrowly defeated 24-22. The player of the match goes to Jane for pure determination, grit and that winning attitude in that final game. Well done girls yet again.



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