Grenhileg 2 – 7 Broomgrove Ladies (27/2/13)

Pairing of the match: Becca & Ada

The match started to go wrong before we even got on court. Becca had half her face numb and swollen from some earlier dental work, Sally was battling a cold and a tight chest, Sam suffered a serious cheese grater injury and Ada didn’t have her favourite racket. It appeared that the opposition had similar problems with one of their ladies having forgotten her trainers at home and having to go to get them and if that wasn’t bad enough, they seemed to have forgotten one of their pairings too as they only turned up with two of the required three. Three points in the bag without even as much as breaking into a sweat, the games began with Sam and Sally taking their first rubber with ease to 8. Full of confidence they then made much harder work of the second rubber, taking the point to 19. Ada and Becca continued the trend in their first game, beating the number 2 pairing to 8 in both rubbers. Nicola and Sonja then started their first match…blablabla *glossoverquickly*. Game 4 was taken comfortably by our number one pairing to 10 and 7 respectively. The final two games of the evening both went to 3 rubbers, with Nicola and Sonja loosing theirs narrowly and Becca and Ada taking theirs in the third rubber to an impressive 20-22, thus winning the pairing of the match title for sheer determination. Well done girls, only four more matches to go this season.


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