Ranmoor 1-8 Combined(18/2/13)

Team: Ada, Laura, Sam; Mikey, Ad, Joe

Player of the match: Sam

Broomgrove Combined team travelled to the unfamiliar venue of Ecclesfield school to play local rivals Ranmoor in Broomgroves 3rd game in 15 days.

With 3 courts to play on and Broomgrove full of match practice the games happened in quick succession all played in the right manner and pleasantly competitive.

The first 3 rubbers saw two of the nights closest encounters, Joe and Sam beat their opponents in 3 ends after closely losing the second rubber 23-21. Meanwhile Laura and Ada fought back from a first rubber loss to win 21-16 and take the match to a third end.  After being 16-11 down, the Home team rallied to come back strong, eventually winning the game 21-17. In the first mens rubber Adam and Mike decisively beat their opposition in 2 ends to 11 &12.

2-1 up after the first set of rubbers the game was still in the balance. The pairing of Sam and Ada played brilliantly to win their ladies match to 9 & 17, whilst Mike and Joe equally dispatched of their opposition in 2 ends 17 & 14. Laura and Adam playing behind the curtain at the other side of the sports hall played a very effective match beating the oppositions mixed pairing 11 &12 meaning the match was won after the second round of rubbers 5-1.

With Mosborough gnashing at Broomgroves heels in the league, the overall winner of the league may be the team with the best rubber score.  Therefore Broomgrove, as they have done for the last few weeks, turned the screw again to try and extend their aggregate score.  The last 3 ends proceeded with Adam & Laura dispatching of the oppositions best mixed pair in two games to 9 & 16, Mike & Ada kept up their successful partnership and won to 19 & 12 as Mike changed his tactics in the latter rubber, Joe and Sam lost their first end, but then kept their cool to win 7 & 11.

Overall a team brimming with confidence played well and nearly pulled off a second Whoopass of the season. With 3 matches left against, Paces, Ranmoor and Oakbrook  , we must keep our heads and avoid any mistakes as the season reaches its climax.

Player of the Match – Sam- winning all 3 matches including a most impressive ladies doubles game to clinch the 5th rubber

Well done team!

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