Oakbrook 1 – 8 Combined (12/2/13)

Team: Ada, Sam, Laura; Mikey, Ad, Steve

Player of the match: Ada

We have left all four of our matches against the newly promoted sides until after Christmas.  This was our first, against Oakbrook.

Mikey and Adam kicked off proceedings with a win in two.  However, they made a meal of the second rubber, needing to defend one game point.  Sam and Ada were oh so close to making it 2-0, but unfortunately were beaten in the third end.

Laura and Ada were to make it 2-1 by winning there doubles.  They are becoming quite a formidable partnership!  Then Mikey and Steve wrapped up a comfortable mens.  This was only comfortable as one of the Oakbrook men suffered an arm injury.  He was then unable to continue.  So the score was 3-1 heading into the mixed, but really 5-1, with only three of the mixed to be played.

As a club we tend to fair well in the mixed, and tonight was no exception.   Ad and Sam made light work of theirs.  The Oakbrook pair then went straight into another rubber, but were to suffer a similar defeat against Steve and Laura.  Ada and Mikey then went to three.  Both played excellently and manage to outplay both the strong defence and the attempted psychological gamesmanship from one of the Oakbrook pair!

So fewer games than a regular match, but as late a finish with the team being restricted to one court for most of the evening.  We wish the injured Oakbrook player swift recovery,  and the Oakbrook Combined team all the best for the remainder of the season.  Next up is the other promoted side – Ranmoor.  Let’s see if we can continue our winning run.

Go Broomgrove!


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