Ladies 1 – Ranmoor 8

Team: Sally & Sam; Nicola & Sonja, Ada & Becca

Pairing of the match: Sally & Sam

The return leg of the highly anticipated Ranmoor match had finally arrived. The aim was to improve on the score from the last fixture against Ranmoor which was a resounding 9-0 beating.

The night started where we left off last time, with two losses for Broomgrove from both the first and second pairing. Game 3 played by Ada and Becca also resulted in a loss, but the final score line looked much more promising reaching 17 and 18 in their two rubbers respectively, giving us all hope that it wouldn’t turn out to be another thumping by the opposition.

Round two of the games continued in a similar vein, with neither Nicola & Sonja, nor Ada & Becca being able to pick up any points and another resounding defeat was staring us in the face. Step up Sam & Sally who won their second match of the night relatively comfortably – dignity was restored.

The final round of games was also much more promising, with Nicola and Sonja achieving a respectable result in their final game, losing to 15 and 18, Ada and Becca also managing to find some more energy and only narrowly losing their last game. However, the star points of the evening had to go to Sally and Sam who obviously were still on a high from being able to clinch one point for the team, missed out on getting Broomgrove a second point by a mere 2, losing their last rubber of a 3 rubber thriller 21-19.

So, overall the final score line may only look marginally better than last time, the fine print is revealing a marked improvement and the score could easily have been more even. Well done girls.



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