Ecclesfield Ladies 4 – 5 Broomgrove Ladies (28/01/12)

Team: Jane & Sonja; Ada & Becca; Sally & Nicola

Ecclesfield are known throughout the league for two reasons: the venue and their cheese and biscuits. Needless to say which one we enjoyed more.

It turned out to be a pretty tense match with Broomgrove only narrowly snatching a win in the final rubber, but first things first. Jane and Sonja started off proceedings by tiring out Ecclesfield’s first and second pairing (going to three rubbers in one of the two games) whilst waiting for the remainder of the Broomgrove ladies to attend to babysitting and car boot troubles. Ada and Becca then played their first match, taking the point in three hard fought rubbers, only to go straight back on to play their second game. They defeated the third pairing with a little more ease, so were allowed to retire for a little rest and some of those famous cheese and biscuits.

Meanwhile, Nicola and Sally stepped up to play their first game of the evening, which again went to three rubbers and ended in the points going to Ecclesfield. Jane and Sonja then played their final game, with the points yet again going to Ecclesfield. Ada and Becca, now rested, took on the number one pairing to get that vital point for Broomgrove, the score now being 4 apiece. No pressure on Nicola and Sally then as they began their last game of the night at 10.30pm. Thankfully they decided that everyone should be going home soon and finished the game quickly in two rubbers, giving Broomgrove an overall 5-4 win.

And if anyone was worried about the fitness levels of the Broomgrove ladies after too many biscuits, we had a free slimming world lesson thrown in with the match. What more could you ask for?


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