Combined 7 – 2 Paces (4/1/13)

Team: Sal, Ada, Laura; Mike, Ad, Steve

Player of the match: Ad

It is very difficult to pick a ‘player of the match’ when everyone plays so well!  It seems that all of the team won at least two of their three rubbers, which is quite a feat in a combined match; Adam and Mikey managing to take all three of theirs.

With that in mind, some ‘well dones’ are in order!  To Adam for taking down all three, but especially in their last rubber (with Ada) against a pair with a very strong chap, Alex, who played well throughout.  This went all the way to a 24-22 win in the third leg.  Boom!  To Ada for playing while strapped up from an ankle injury.  Also to Sally, who played her first match with the team in a while brilliantly – not only taking a ladies, but also a tense 3 ender in her mixed with Mikey.  To Mikey himself for taking all three and playing an absolute blinder in his second mens – another 3 ender against a strong pair.  And also to Laura, who as ever was the rock in our mixed games, and also took a ladies with Sal.

The scoreline of 7-2 indicates the strength of the performance all the more so when considering the opposition.  A good side throughout, particularly ladies, but all the more so now that the men have been bolstered by the excellent Alex.  Without the home advantage, the return fixture could well be a close one.  We are looking forward to again facing this competitive and friendly team.

Go Broomgrove!


About Steve

I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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