Abbeydale III 6-3 Mens II (23/11/12)

Report by Dave:

Team: Dave and Raj; Deacon and Yining; Gerry and Chi

A first loss of the season suffered to a strong Abbeydale 3 side, a match that eventually could have gone either way.

The first session of badminton involved each pairing playing against there respective seeds, myself (Dave) and Raj took a while to get going, getting taken to 3 ends, but ended up in control to take the third. Yining and Deacon were involved in a battle of their own against Abbeydale’s second pair but unfortunately lost in a tough 3 ends. Gerry and Chi, a new pairing, took a while to find their feet losing also.

In the second set of games (played out of order due to the late arrival of a couple of our players) Gerry and Chi lost out to a strong second pairing, with Deacon and Yining again coming off worse in a tough battle with Abbeydale 3’s first pairing. Myself and Raj comfortably took the game to 4-2 against Abbeydale thirds and everything was left to play for.

Unfortunately Abbeydale’s first pairing were just too fit and strong for Chi and Gerry despite some great play by both players, with their third edging out another tight 3 end match again Yining and Deacon. The final match of the night fittingly also went to 3 ends, with myself and Raj coming back to take the win.

In a match of so many close, tight games its difficult not to think that with abit more luck we could have been walking away victorious.

Anyway…..we will be ready for revenge at Birkdale!

Man of the match: Raj.


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