Paces II 4 – 5 – Mens II (15/11/12)

Report by Dave:

Team: Dave and Gerry; Yining and Deacon; James A and Chi

With a few debutants in the team for the first second team game of the season Broomgrove 2 rallied home with a close 4-5 victory over a tough Paces 2 team.

The match started with 3 tight games, Paces 2 coming off the better in 2 of those, Yining and Deacon being the only victors. The second set of matches saw myself (Dave) and Gerry, edge a tight game and Yining and Deacon take a strong victory against the Paces 2 third pairing.  James and Chi began to gel as a pairing but unfortunately lost out leaving the tie 3-3 going into the final games.

A fantastic effort from Yining and Deacon saw them take out Paces 2’s number 1 pairing in 2 ends, this match really was a great spectacle and meant they won a 3 games! James and Chi again missed out in a close game and then it was up to myself and Gerry. Nerves took there hold as the game went to 3 ends but a Paces 2 player smashing their racket to pieces saw me and Gerry win around 13 points on the bounce to win with ease.

Overall a good victory.
Man of the Match: Deacon


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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