Oakbrook 3 – 6 Broomgrove (6 /11/12)

From Sonja:

Our first away match of the season saw Nicola return from one of her many holidays to pair up with Ada. Nicola must obviously have taken her badminton racket on holiday with her as Ada and Nicola won their first game comfortably. They continued their success with a three rubber thriller to take the point in a dramatic 21-23 finale. Laura and Sonja lost their first game to a strong first pairing, but redeemed themselves by taking the next two games comfortably. The opposition only managed to get to double figures once in their remaining matches. Sam and Sally also succumbed to Oakbrook’s first pairing, but did manage to stretch the game to a three rubber battle, losing narrowly in the final rubber. Overall a great display and some enjoyable badminton all round. Oh, and not to forget the revelation of the evening: Although Sam is from Grimsby, she’s clean. J


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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