Combined 8-1 Abbeydale 1 (27/10/12)

Team: Ada, Laura, Sam; Steve, Ad, Joe

Player of the match: Ada

And so the Broomgrove Combined team’s season finally kicked off in late October. It was to be against the familiar faces of our auld foes, the Abbeydale 1sts.

With Joe and Adam playing as 2nd and 3rd men, we were confident of a strong performance in the men’s levels games.  These were indeed quite unbalance affairs, with the home side taking an easy two.

The look of the ladies three was somewhat different as we welcomed the new, and smiley, face of Ada to the team.  And what an introduction she was to have, playing against the technical and experienced Abbeydale ladies.  The first game was a new pairing for us, as Ada and Sam got to grips with playing together.  Splitting the first two, they finally took the rubber in the third.  Laura then stepped up to partner Ada, and they were no less successful, taking their rubber in two.

With strong levels performances, the match was certainly turning Broomgrove’s way by the time we began the mixed games.  Adam and Laura cruised to victory in both of theirs.  Joe and Sam took one, but suffered Broomgrove’s only upset of the night as they lost one of the mixed in three. Ada then, with tired legs at this point, managed rally and then pull me through a tough mixed game, won in three, which needed no little amount of strategic play to win!

So an 8-1 victory it was to be against a friendly and competitive Abbeydale side.  I look forward to the return leg in the very different playing conditions of their home venue.

Go Broomgrove!


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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