Abbeydale I 5-4 Combined (22/02/12)

Team: Sal, Sam, Laura; Pete, Ad, Steve

Well I thought this one might be a clear victory for the home side given the margin they had beaten us at the Pearson Building (2-7). However, a strong showing by Adam and Sam made a good match of this one.
After the first three rubbers, it was 2-1 to Abbeydale. A convincing win for Peter and Ad was nearly followed by another by Sally and Sam, who went down in a nail-biting three ender.
Round two featured three split matches, but with Abbeydale inching ahead again for another 2-1 win. The score now poised at 4-2 Abbeydale, with them only needing one more to clinch it.
However, Broomgrove did not give in easily. Ad and Sam continued their run. But Sal and Pete could not get theirs. With the match all done and dusted, Laura defiantly carried me through a tough three-ender to take the final rubber of the night. If we were playing a black ball game, it would have clinched us the match 😉

5-4 the final result then. Looking at the score card now, I see that 6 of the 9 rubbers went to three ends. You don’t get much closer than that. So hats off to a competitive Abbeydale team. They are one of my favourite teams to play against (even though my bogey player plays for them. I never get a game off Steve Hicks!). I look forward to our match with them next season.

Go Broomgrove!


About Steve

I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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