Combined 6 – 3 Paces (20/01/12)

Team: Mikey, Joe, Ad; Kalyani, Emily, Sally
Guest match report by Gerry:
I took a note book to the Combined match against Paces at Silverdale to make some notes on players and also the guardian crossword in case I got bored. I used neither, as the match was sooo good!
The Paces team is a mostly a family affair with a Dad and 3 daughters from one family out of the 6; they are a really friendly bunch too.
First round went 2-1 to us with a ladies’ loss. Same again in the second round. Joe brought a visitor and she had never ever seen proper badminton let alone a match so I had a lot to explain and that made it fun too..  So by this stage we needed one more out of the last three and I got the crossword out – match sorted!
Soon put it away though.  We lost the first game of all the 3rd round games…….! I was shocked. Michael lost his 5/21 so I have to admit I wrote that one off, as this was his first time playing with Kalyani too. Adam and Sally just lost theirs.., being a bit uncomfortable with the state of the floor.  And Joe and Em were a bit shocked by their loss too. Joe chatted to Em and they came up with a plan for the next.. Then suddenly Michael won his second! I was on tenter hooks! It was in the balance, and surprise surprise, Joe and Michael won theirs. And Adam lost his sadly..With all three matches going to the best of three.  It was brill! and for sure the spectators had a fab time.  Final score was 6-3 with tremendous effort from all.
What a night. My nerves were in pieces.
The team did well and thanks to all for a great evenings’ entertainment.

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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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