Nomads Mens 1st vs Broomgrove Mens 1sts 4-5 Win!

There was a great feeling of subdued anticipation between the team. The first match against Nomads since they narrowly beat Broomgrove to the 2nd division title.


Craig and Aji had a wobble at the start of their first game but managed to clinch the first rubber with relative ease. Mike and Peter clinched an absolutely terrific win against the first pair, both of them showing spectacular temperament in the final match against the first pair. Ameya and John were a new pairing and moved fluidly around the court, their smashes cut through the air with an audible ferocity.


After the first 4 games things were looking good with Broomgrove leading 3 games to 1.

Mike and Peter then were then outplayed by their first pair and Craig and Aji  lost in 3 in their game to make the match  score three all.


As the pressure was mounting the game took an interesting twist.

In the performance of the night Aji and Craig went on to convincingly beat their first pair, while John and Ameya having looked imperious in  their first rubber  winning

21 – 10 and  looking to have sealed the match victory then went on to lose  in their decider.


This left Mike and Peter to battle it out in a winner takes all finale.

To increase the pressure the Nomads team and supporters crowded in onto a bench behind the court ready  to offer raucous vocal support to their team.

There was only one option left to Mike and Peter and that was to blitz the opposition with a demonstration of crafted error-free badminton. This they duly did leaving the home support in incredulous silence with only the occasional ripple of polite applause from the Broomgrove team punctuating the proceedings.



The pairing won the final rubber comfortably, Peter’s experience and Mike’s shot selection created a deadly combination to deliver a much earned 5-4 victory. It was a commendable effort by the whole team, which was well and truly captured in the result.


Mike and Peter with nerves of steel won, 21 -13, 21 -10 to give Broomgrove a well deserved if slender 5 – 4 victory.

Well done team!

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