Broomgrove mens 1sts vs Abbeydale mens 1sts 5 – 4

The second match of the season was against last years runners up Abbeydale 7. Whilst a number of their players had left to play feathers badminton, the opposition remained a strong opponent.

The early exchanges were split between the teams, with the games being played out of order as the away teams 3rd pair arrived 45 minutes late. Adam and Ameya winning their rubber in 2 ends whilst Mike and Craig narrowly missed out leaving the score at  1-1.

The middle rubbers were more promising with Broomgrove winning 2 of the 3 rubbers, with David and Peter playing excellently to win in 3 ends. Again Adam and Ameya won in 2 ends whilst Mike and Craig again narrowly missed out in 3 ends. Leaving the score 3-2 to Broomgrove.

Adam and Ameya beat the opposition in 3 ends to leave the score 4-2 and meaning that Peter and David had to win one of their remaining 2 fixtures or Mike  and Craig had to win their final encounter. Peter and David valiantly battled but unfortunately lost against the Abbeydale number one pairing, adding to the tension of a very close match. As Peter and David began their final game Mike and Craig put in a brilliant performance to beat the opposition in 3 ends to get the critical 5th rubber. The key moment in the 3 end came at 17-17  when a dropshot clipped the net leaving Craig with an impossible netshot return, however upon diving to the floor to meet the shuttle it scraped over the net forcing the lift from the opponent giving mike a coolly taken kill. From this point there was no looking back. Whilst Peter and David fought bravely in the final rubber they just lost in 3 ends to leave the score at 5-4 to Broomgrove.


Good start Guys, 2 from 2 and many more difficult challenges to come. Nomads next in a newly promoted match which will test how far we have come over the summer.


Adam and Ameya + 24

David and Peter +1

Craig and Mike + 4

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