Paces 3-6 Broomgrove Combined (23/10/11)

Team:  Emily, Mary and Sam; Peter, Joe and Steve

The second match of the season saw the Broomgrove Combined Team pick up their first win.  Well done all!

Paces are a new club in the first division and were a competitive team, playing the match in a good friendly spirit.  They were also very hospitable, providing an excellent array of biscuits and chilled drinks.  I’ll have to get the best buscuits out for the return leg 🙂

Having lost the first ladies match, Peter and Joe had a real battle in their Men’s match.  Losing the first, and looking to lose the second, they managed to hold on to pull level with a 23-21 victory.  Peter had warmed up by the third and a convincing 213 in the third leg set the tone for a string of wins.  Sam and Emily played well to win against a very strong ladies pair in 2.  And Sam and I continued the run to win our mixed against a young third pair.

As ever, Joe and Mary proved an unplayable partnership winning both their mixed games.  Mary was serving consistently and dominating the net, forcing the opponents to lift to Joe…never a good idea!  Emily and Peter lost in three to their first pair, and Sam and I were unable to cap the evening off with a win.  This then left the final score at 6-3.

Next up is our first home match this Friday against Paces.

Go Broomgrove!


About Steve

I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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