Broomgrove Ladies 3 – Mosborough 6 (14/10/11)

This season will inevitably cause some trepidation… we are newly promoted to the first division! Mosborough have a reputation for skilled players and they also bring through a regular supply of talented juniors. True to form, they fielded an excellent first pair, both very skilled, a strong second pair and a couple of youngsters at number three. Despite this, many of the games were closely contested and we did not feel that we were so out of our depth as we had feared.
Sally and Sam had their first outing as pairing in this very closely fought match. They managed to claim one very important point against Mosborough’s third pairing bringing our total to 3. Although Sam is only meant to be an occasional player for the ladies, this looks like a pairing to watch for the remaining season.

Sonja and Kalyani unfortunately lost all three of their games, but despite that they did play very well together bearing in mind that this has been their first ever match together as pairing. All three games were lost in close rubbers, giving us hope for future matches.

Ada and Mary had two good rubbers, beating the second and third pairs in close, best-of-three rubbers. This despite Ada suffering from severe cramp during the middle rubber – which was against their first couple, so if we had to, this was the right one to concede.
Next match on 1st November away at Notts Northern.

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