Jaguar Mens 1 vs Broomgrove Mens 1 4-5

The new season is upon us! The newly promoted Broomgrove mens 1st team travelled to stocksbridge leisure centre to commence battle with Jaguar who finished 3rd in the top flight league last season. The pairings were all new with ameya and craig making their debut for the club.

Adam and Craig played together after a last minute change of tactics was decided upon. Meaning Ameya and Aji played as the second pair and Mike and Peter played as the third pair.

The first set of rubbers left the score at 2-1 to jaguar, Adam and Craig winning their rubber, however the two losses were close fought games and gave confidence to the team for the following rubbers.

The second set of rubbers went 1-2 to Broomgrove leaving the overall score at 3-3 setting up a tense set of final rubbers. Adam and Craig won their rubber, with Aji and Ameya winning against Jaguars 3rd pair in 3 ends.

The final set of rubbers would decide the outcome of the match. Adam and craig won their rubber without any drama, setting up the other Broomgrove pairs to only have to win 1 of the remaining 2 rubbers. Peter and Mike saved a match point at 1 game down and 20-19 to the opposition, (with a little help from a ameya!?) and went on to win the game 23-21. The final game was tense and close, finally pulling away at the end of the game to win 17-21, giving the win to Broomgrove. Ameya and Aji strived hard to make the result 6-3 however they lost in 2 games, both of which had to be set finally finishing 23-21, 22-20.

Overall it was a great win, with both teams playing with a smile on their face. Well done.

A few weeks off now before the next match against Abbeydale 1, but they are a team who are beatable and could set up our season to be an interesting one.


Adam + Craig        +18.5

Ameya + Aji           -0.5

Peter + Mike            -12

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