Badminton Ladder for the 2011-12 season

From Sonja:
The new season is nearly upon us, so it is time to get our badminton ladder started. Due to the absence of your ladder organizer (i.e. myself) early September, the start date is going to be on:
Friday September 16th
Could everyone who is interested in playing please let me know so that I can prepare your pegs? Don’t worry if you haven’t yet made your mind up, I will have some spares with me, so that we can make new ones up on the night. The ladder is open to both Wednesday and Friday players and our handicap system should make the games fair for everyone and give each of you the chance to become the Broomgrove Ladder Champion 2011/2012.
The ladder will close on Friday 25th May 2012when the last challenges have to be played. In case of a play-off this will be played at a mutually agreeable date for all four players involved, but must be played before the end of June 2012.
Further, I would appreciate a volunteer to help me with the Wednesday setup of this, as I am sure you are aware I don’t normally play on Wednesdays. I will try to come down on the first couple of Wednesdays if I can, but would appreciate it if someone could help me out. All you need to do is supervise the ‘draw’ of players and record the results. I want complete match scores, not just the overall winners. I will then use the scores to update the overall ladder scores.
Finally, if all team captains could please send me their first 8 team members please so that we have the correct handicaps for everyone. I know that you may not have yet decided on your teams, but if I could have the names before the start of the ladder please, that would be great. Otherwise each team captain will be handicapped by -20 game points. Only joking. J
Any questions, suggestions etc, please feel free to get in touch.
Hope to see you all at Badminton tonight.
Badminton Doubles Ladder
All interested parties enter their names into a peg bag at the start of a session. Challenges could be played at a specific time at each session (i.e. 8pm on a Friday or 9pm on a Wednesday, giving everyone time to show up and participate or at a mutually convenient break in normal game play). Challenges are then pulled out of the peg bag and pairings are set up in the order they are drawn.
Eg: the organizer pulls out players in the following order: player B, player D, player C and player A. That would mean B & D challenge C & A
Games are best of 3 to 21.
The winner of that challenge receives 3 ladder points each. That means if C & A win the challenge, both players receive 3 ladder points towards their total. The losers receive nothing.
The player with the highest score at the end of the season wins a small trophy (signed off by the treasurer). In the event of a tie a ‘playoff’ between the top 4 players will be arranged on a specified date to determine an overall winner. If the playoff still results in a draw, the winner will be determined using their winning rubbers over the season and finally their total points scored.
To make sure that the whole process is as fair as possible, the following rules apply:
  • Only 1 Challenge per person per session
  • A maximum of 25 challenges throughout the period of the ladder (approx. 1 season) per person
  • Team players are handicapped and will start the game with a deficit as follows for each rubber:
  • Male team members: -4 (game points)
  • Female team members: -2 (game points)
  • If a pairing has got two team members than the deficit has to be added together. So for a male and female team player in one pairing the starting deficit would be -6, for two male team members -8 and for two female members -4.
  • A player must accept a challenge if he/she had entered their name into the bag at the start of the session unless he/she has
  • Already been entered into a challenge that day



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