Grenhilleg vs Broomgrove 1-8 Mens

May I first of all congratulate all people involved in the mens team this season for a very enjoyable and successful season.

On the last match of the season we had second place in the bag however if we could win 9-0 we would tie with Nomads on all criteria and give the league committee a big headache on how to separate the two teams.

All pairs played excellently winning the 6 first rubbers in strate games, setting up a nervous last set of rubbers. Adam and Mike dispatched their opponants in a comfortable manner, in what was the most consistant and mature performance for the pair in the whole season.

Aji and John then won their rubber with he opponents injuring each other at one point as play was halted for a number of minutes. The pair are very mobile and are very enjoyable to watch as their rallys have a tendency to turn into epic rallys with a frequent occurance.

With the final rubber to finish all eyes were on peter and David who have been the most consistant pair when they played together throughout the season. Unfortunately against the oppositions strongest pair they just fell short of the mark, meaning an 8-1 win.

So over 90 rubbers in the season we finished 1 short of tying for first and 2 short of winning the league outright. Finishing on 59 rubbers. A great performance for the newly promoted Broomgrove. Hopefully the league AGM will promote 2 teams from each league as stated in the league rules handbook. If so I think it is the first time maybe in the clubs history that they will have competed in the top division.

In the mean time friday nights throughout the summer will be a good training session fro us all and well done! Whoopass


David and Peter + 7

Adam and Mike +25

Aji and John + 16

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One Response to Grenhilleg vs Broomgrove 1-8 Mens

  1. Raj Dhimar says:

    Awesome stuff. Well done to all!

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