Broomgrove vs Oakbrook Mens 7-2

The second till last match of the season, provided a local derby in the form of oakbrook who are the only team who could potentially take second place away from Broomgrove. The first 3 rubbers were extrememly close with Broomgrove taking 2 rubbers whilst Oakbrook took 1. However 8 ends were needed to conclude these 3 rubbers.

The second set of rubbers went to Broomgrove , however 8 ends were again needed to resolve the rubbers.

With the match already won Broomgrove insearch of rubbers to try and catch Nomads total kept the pressure on and took 2 0f the 3 rubbers, taking the final score to 7-2

Dave and Peter had immaculate form on the night winning all their rubbers

Mike and Adam were the only team to not take any rubbers to 3 ends although only winning 2 of the 3 rubbers

John and Aji a new partnership for the night wanted to get the most from their money taking all rubbers to 3 ends. Despite cramp in a very tight second rubber they managed to win taking their total to 2 ruubers out of the 3.


Peter & Dave + 9

Adam & Mike +12

John & Aji +4

According to the league tables we have 1 match left and are 9 rubbers behind Nomads. So a whoopass would take us to equal rubbers for and against. Plus we would be equal on aces (whoopasses) so I have no idea how they will decide who the league winners are. However if we finish second the league rules state that  2 teams shall be promoted and relegated, so hopefully we’ll be promoted either way.

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