Broomgrove Combined 7 – 2 Nomads (23/2/11)

Team: Gordon, Adam, Steve, Becky, Jacquie, Sally

In the face of a highly competitive team, Broomgrove held their nerve to take a confident 7-2 win at home, notwithstanding illness, mid-game injury and the occasional line-call related outburst. Gordon and Adam got things off to a good start, clearly frustrating the better half of a quite unbalanced first pairing over two ends. Becky and Jacquie came through in a hard fought three ends with a nail-biting finish. Steve and Sally battled hard against a solid mixed pairing, unfortunately losing out in the end. (However, the pair were to fight back and win against the daunting pairing that made things difficult for Adam and Jacquie in a tense encounter (see below)).

Unfortunately the second ladies game was a tricky prospect – ultimately ending in the second loss – with the Nomad ladies being arguably more powerful than the men in many departments! An easy win in the second men’s (Gordon and Steve), and the prospect of an easy win for Gordon and Becky against a weaker mixed pairing, set up the crucial game of the evening. In a fiery contest, Adam and Jacquie broke the back of the opposition with a nerve-racking three ender. With the key win in the bag, the final games went Broomgrove’s way with a strong performance by Steve and a rejuvenated Sally and a good win for Gordon and Becky. With time running out, Adam and Jacquie sealed the final win to make it a near-comprehensive victory. Then it was off to the pub to take bets on the result of the University v Mavericks combined feathers…


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