Nomads vs Broomgrove mens 6-3

After a much longer break from play than expected, Broomgrove started 2011 with a fixture against the top team within the division. Nomads had 3 pairs with a strong player  placed in each pair making them have a very evenly balanced team. From the off it was apparent that their experience and talent would make it difficult for broomgrove to take an away win. At the end of the first set of rubbers, Nomads were 2-1 in the lead after 3 very closely fought encounters. It would be a glimpse of the rest of the match to come with all the remaining sets of rubbers following suit; 2-1 to Nomads but with only a handful of points making the difference in the rubbers.

So the night ended 6-3 to Nomads and it was Broomgorves first defeat since last January against Abbeydale 5.

Upon reflection it was a good experince for the team to have such a closely fought match in good spirits and can be the impetus to inspire further wins in the following weeks. I firmly believe that at home with some more match practice Broomgrove could beat the Nomads team and I personally am very much looking forward to the return leg.

Next up the Drone a team we have already played and beaten 7-2 although the matches were closer than the result suggests.

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