University 4 – 5 Broomgrove Ladies (16/12/10)

With University always being a tough fixture, the evening started well due to the student contingency gifting us 3 points. The early lead put us into a good position to win the match and Mary and Kalyani certainly started well by taking their first set, only to be denied the point by a very close fought game. Broomgrove seemed to have lost their momentum and worry for Jen, who still hadn’t turned up must have put us out of kilter. Nicola and myself had a very good game against their second pairing, fighting hard for the win, only to be defeated at the last hurdle.

With the team now in tatters and a loss looking likely, along came the formidable two in form of Jen, who had by now managed to negotiate the icy roads of Crookes, and Sally, who was playing her first match after injury. After beating Jackie (the defector) and her partner in a thrilling 3 set game, our hopes returned. They also won their final game against the University’s second pairing (much more comfortably) to restore Broomgrove’s pride and dignity. Maybe not the best of wins, however probably one of the more vital ones this season.

Well done to all the ladies for putting up such a good fight and not giving up easily.



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