Sheffield city centre ghost walk – Sunday 31st October

Hi everybody

Just a reminder about the next social event the Sheffield city centre ghost walk.

A few details…

As it’s coming up to Halloween we’ve gone all spooky.

Remember how fun it was to be spooked out when you were little, well let’s get spooked again with a ghost walk.

Here’s what the organisers say…

“Come and join us on the special tour, the tales we’ll tell you will have you wondering about the world you live in. This tour’s tales are completely different from our normal public tours, so here you’ll be getting something stranger. This tour finishes in one of the oldest buildings in Sheffield, namely The Old Queens Head public house. Where you can sit, get warm and get ready to be frightened all over again, as we weave the true stories and encounters of the building.”

We’ve booked onto the public tour on Sunday 31st October, (which by the way is also Fright Night).

The tour starts at 8pm, from outside the Sheffield Cathedral, where we’ll hear and learn about a few scary things about the back streets of Sheffield city centre.

It will cost £5 per adult, £4 for students, £2.50 for children and under 13’s.

Further info about who runs it, can be found at:

Broomgrovers, friends and family all welcome on the tour and dressing up is encouraged!

Email both Raj and Jen if you’re coming and let’s get ghosting!

Raj ( and Jen ( /
Broomgrove badminton club

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