Broomgrove Mens 7 Grenhilleg 2

In the first fixture of the mens season, a new division and a new opponent awaited. We did not know what to expect as Grenhilleg had been relegated from division 1 the previous season. Broomgrove therefore went into the game as usual confident, composed and chomping at the bit for a first league win. The whole game was a close encounter despite the 7-2 scoreline. The first set of rubbers saw Grenhilleg take a 2-1 lead and leave Broomgrove wondering if they could turn the fixture around. The first set of rubbers proved an anomaly, with the remaining rounds of rubbers going in Broomgroves favour winning 6 rubbers in a row. However 5 of the 9 rubbers went to 3 ends and a number of close 2 game rubbers meant that a well fought fixture went to Broomgrove, but it was by no means as straight forward as the scoreline projects. Future fixtures will be more challenging, but gladly it seems the cobwebs of preseason have been blown away.

Next up the Drone a team who lost to |Grenhilleg so hopefully another victory for Broomgrove will come along in quick succession.

A special mention to Dave Jones who made his debut on  Friday alongside seasoned veteran Mark and played magnificently together winning 2 of their 3 games .

Team ratings (winning margins averaged through rubbers and games)

Adam and Gerry +6.3

Mike and Peter + 0.5

Dave and Mark +1.3

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One Response to Broomgrove Mens 7 Grenhilleg 2

  1. stevedow says:

    Well done team – a great first result!

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