Broomgrove 7- Notts Northern 2 combined

The first Broomgrove match of the season fell at home; against one of the hardest teams from the previous season, in combined division one. As it was the team who turned up to play for notts northern were only 3 of the familiar faces from the prior season and unfortunately not as stiff competition. With Steve the captain out on babysitting duties, first class substitue Joe stepped in as well as Becci and Jen C who were filling in for Jen A and Sally who were unable to play.

The first set of rubbers set the order of the day with all 3 going in Broomgroves favour, The middle set of rubbers went 2:1 to Broomgorve sealing the match, with the ladies missing out on a hard fought 3 end game, possibly due to an injury to jen which left her struggling for the last two rubbers in contrast to her shinging performance in the first rubber. With only pride to play for the third end of rubbers went 2:1 to Broomgrove again, with a finishing score of 7-2.

This was a great way for the season to start, I’m sure there will be much harder and closer matches along the way, however lets hope this is the first of many wins for the combined team and that the womens and mens teams follow suit.

well done folk!

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