Broomgrove Mens vs Phoenix Mens 2nd 7-2

In the penultimate match of the season, guarenteed promotion was at stake, if Broomgrove won the match only one other team could match their record of 1 loss with 1 game to go. The usual 6 pairs were out and the usual result looked likely as a strong first 3 rubbers put Broomgrove 3-0 ahead. Not wanting to become complacent Broomgrove fought hard to maintain momentum to achieve the magic 5 rubbers. As it was the match was wrapped up by the end of the second set of rubbers the score being 5-1. All that was at stake now was a good aggrigate score incase the championship came down to rubbers won. The 3rd set of rubbers went 2-1 in favour of Broomgrove giving us another clear victory in the chase for 1st place in the league.

So as it stands Broomgrove are in 1st place with Abbeydale 5 being the only team capeable to match our record. However the title in in our own hands as a win against Wisewood this coming friday will guarentee 1st place and promotion. Our current average rubbers count per match is 6.4 to Abbeydales 6.1 so the ball is our court and 1 last effort for success is all that is needed!

At last the whisper of promotion can be spoken a little louder

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