Beaverhill 1 – 8 Broomgrove Combined (24/4/10)

Our final match of the season was a resounding victory. Woohoo!

The hospitable home team gave us some tough games, but the absence of some of their stronger players told in the end. When they played us at the Pearson Building, they had two strong mixed pairings, and their strongest player has been absent from both fixtures. We will have to see how we fare against their full first team next season.

The only headache this fixture provided me with was who should be awarded the Player of the Match, with Jacquie, Jen, Adam and Peter all winning their three rubbers. However, fortunately Jen took this decision out of my hands by nominating Peter…perhaps for being the only player not to drop a single game? So Peter – there it is: another prestigious Player of the Match award. Your mantle piece will be buckling under the weight this season!

Might I take this opportunity, as captain of the team, to thank you all for making this a fun and successful campain. For a new side in the top division, I think we have performed admirably, and certainly made our mark (Won 7/Lost 5). I hope that you have all enjoyed the season too, and will continue to be involved in the squad 2010/11.



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