Broomgrove Mens vs Jaguar 2nd 8-1

As the season really reches its buisness end Broomgrove have the advantage only having lost 1 fixture and all the remaining fixtures to be played at the home venue. The 1st of the 4 remaining games was against a jaguar team who caused us quite a scare away from home achieving only a narrow 5-4 win.

This time things were quite different. The first three rubbers going to Broomgrove with Peter being paired with Mike, Mark with Jason and Gerry wit h Adam who had forgotten his shorts!

The second set of rubbers were 2-1 to broomgrove with Mark and Jason losing out in 3 games. This turns out to be the only rubber broomgrove lost as the final 3 rubber swere won in quick succession. Dispite the fact it could have been a 9-0 win the 8-1 did flatter as many games were closely fought wit h a well mannered Jaguar Team. Next up Gosforth surely if Broomgrove clinch that match they will also clinch promotion.

Good luck next Friday.


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One Response to Broomgrove Mens vs Jaguar 2nd 8-1

  1. stevedow says:

    Well done the men’s team!

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