Ranmoor Mens vs Broomgrove Mens 4-5

After playing Ranmoor recently at home and winning 7-2, it was time to venture away from fortress Pearson to one of our local rivals home venues. Tapton School with its questionably pink lines provided the backdrop for a match which was very closely contested. The first set of rubbers going in Broomgroves favour 2-1,  despite  the sensationally quick shuttles, with Mark & Jason and Adam & Raj picking up the rubbers. All three of the initial games went to 3 ends showing how closely these side were matched.

The second set of rubbers only contrived to make the game tenser, with a 2-1 outcome for Ranmoor, sticking the match at 3-3 and everything to play for in the final rubbers.

Adam & Raj picked off their opponents in the typical form they have been enjoying this season leaving the remaining 2 rubbers for Broomgrove to snatch one and the match. It has to be said that as I watch the fantastic deciding match performed by Jason and Mark, it was the best badminton I have seen the pair play with positioning, power and placement in abundence. However it seemed that the badminton gods were not on their side as Jason smashed his racket and Mark having niggling back problems. However the determination of the pair pulled through to confirm victory in 3 games. Gerry and Peter also went to 3 ends but were unlucky in their toils leaving the match a 5-4 hard fought away victory for Broomgrove.

It is at this point I have to say I cant see how Ranmoor have the league position they have on this form as they were possibly our toughest opponent of the season in my opinion.

With 4 games left and all at home the title is in our own hands. The best hands to be in so Well done and after a few weeks break may we finish the job off in April!


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