Gosforth vs Broomgrove 3-6

It had come around to the buisness end of the season and it was time for 1st vs 2nd place. Away against gosforth it was bound to be a difficult game. The first set of rubbers went well for Broomgrove with the score being 2-1  in 3 strait forward rubbers. TRhe middle set of rubbers went similarly well 2-1 to make the score 4-2, however these were much closer affairs with the games being much closer and going to 3 ends on 2 occasions. This left Broomgrove with only 1 rubber to win the match. Mark and Jason who played very well tonight ended up winning the match getting the match in 2 ends however the score in the crucial game was a tense 29-27. This meant that the final rubbers were just for pride! As it was the pride matches were shared, with Adam and Raj beating the top Gosforth pair who had only dropped one rubber in the whole season in a very enjoyable and competitive 3 end match coming from one behind.

Well done guys 6-3 away aginst the top team is a good effort, odviosly took the all england championships as inspiration, next is ranmoor and with this form a second promotion in a row could be on the cards

stats Adam & Raj +26

Gerry & Peter -9

Jason & Mark -2.5

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