Wisewood Men 1st vs Broomgrove Men 0-9

Wisewood were the opponents and we were expecting a close encounter despite Wisewood losing 2 of their team compared to last season. As it was Broomgrove threw themselves into the match at full throttle to win all 3 of the initial rubbers.

The same pattern followed suit in the middle set of rubbers again winning all 3. So the win was in the bag. However against local rivals Wisewood it would be a good opportunity to assert our dominance and there was the smell or Whoopass in the air!

At 8-0 it was upto Mike and Peter to edge the opposition to achieve the whoopass. As it was the final rubber was very close indeed  moving into 3 games. Althought the win had already been achieved the pressure of a 9-0 whitewash was apparent in both teams faces and some errors ensued. However our pairing turned out to have more steel both in therms of skill and nerve and we won the final rubber 23-21.

Well done Guys our second 9-0 of the season and another win. Lets keep it up.

Averages for the night

Adam & Raj + 17.3

Peter & Mike +21

Mark & Jason + 15.5

Really good play and dominance

lets take this form forward to Ranmoor in 2 weeks time!

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