Jaguar mens 2 vs Broomgrove Mens 4-5

Another game in quick succession for the Broomgrove mens team, with the prior match taking its toll on Gerry meaning John had to step in at the last minute. After the long journey through the snow we arrived eager to play and keep p our form against a tricky opponent. The first set of rubbers did not go to plan losing 2 rubbers to 3 games while winning the other quite easily. 2-1 Jaguar. The middle set of rubbers however was much more like it no 3 games in sight just a Broomgrove whitewash winning all 3 without too much hastle. the tides had turned 4-2 t0 Broomgrove, meaning we only needed one rubber to win the match. As it happened Adam and Raj swept their opponents aside meaning the magic number 5 had been achieved. In the final two rubbers again they were only resolved in 3 games  and again Jaguar coming out on top. Overall score 5-4 to Broomgrove.

In terms of stats Adam and Raj + 30

Peter and John +4

Mark and Jason +3

This shows that even though Peter and John, and Mark and Jason only won 1 each of their rubbers that they actually won more points than their opponents despite the losses.

Take home message – Shot choice and unforced errors can be improved, meaning even 1 or two rallys being won rather than lost, if that could be done then we could easily have walked away with a whoopass. All the games we lost were to 3  and many of those were 21-19 games.

Those few percentages better and we could be talking about promotion again. We will need to be on top form for our next match away against local rivals Wisewood who will be our stiffest competition to date. Come on the lads!

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