Broomgrove Mens 7-2 Abbeydale Mens 6

This was the last fixture against any abbeydale team for the season. After splitting the games with their 5th team and beating their 6th team to a 9-0 whoopass, another victory would be 3-1 to us against abbeydale teams and momentum for mondays difficult fixture against jaguar.

As it was a totally different team showed up compared to the opposition when a whoopass was achieved a matter of weeks ago. Some players they brought in made us rather nervous. However in the first set of rubbers Broomgrove gained the advantge winning 2-1 with Adam and Raj continuing their good form from the phoenix match, not allowing their opposition to get into double figure on either rubber and Gerry and Jason, a make shift partnership, wining in 2 close games (21-19 22-20).

The middle set of rubbers Broomgrove put their foot on the pedal and took the initiative and the game with all rubbers going in our favour. A special mention to Mark and Mike is warrented here, playing in a new partnership and they coasted past the opposition which caused Gerry and Jason quite a scare.

So with the pressure off it was simoly a case of how much we could win by. Mark and Mike won their rubber in 3 games keeping their nerve against a less experienced opposition, whilst Adam and Raj disposed of a rather dispondent opposition who had lost all of their rubbers on the night. Unfortunately Gerry and Jason couldn’t win against the difficult opposition in Damien and Rod for abbeydale who were the only pairing from abbeydale to win more than they lost.

the score finished 7-2 with all pairings winning at least 2 rubbers. This without peter shows that brromgrove now has a team of 8 players capeable of causing all clubs in the league a headache or two.

So well done mike, welcome back peter for the next game.

Bring on Jaguar a team which has won 3 and lost 3 but the 3 losses were against the strong wisewood and Abbeydale 5 teams, lets hope another win and another step towards promotion can ensue.

players totals for the night

Adam and Raj + 25.5

Gerry and Jason + 3

Mark and Mike + 1

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