Phoenix2 vs Broomgrove Mens 4-5

After the first Whoopass of the season the next match couldn’t have been a much different affair. At the Tardis which is Phoenix’s venue, the cold temperatures nipped, the dehumidifier whirred and a very close match unraveled . After the first set of rubbers the score was 2-1 to Broomgrove Adam And Raj taking their game safely, Mark and Jason losing out (however Jason did play a whole game with broken strings without realising it), and Peter and John (in Gerry’s absence) took their rubber in a 3 games scores being 19-21 27-25 20-22. At this point we were reduced to 1 court and so the sub zero temperatures bit in and long warm ups were needed before each game, making it a very long evening. The second set of rubbers were in Phoenix’s favour, this time they took 2 to Broomgroves 1, with Adam and Raj taking the rubber with a very convincing 21-10 21-13.

At 3-3 everything was to play for in the final matches, It started badly with Mark and Jason losing 21-19 21-19 in their final rubber of the night meaning both pairs for Broomgrove must win to stop defeat. Adam and Raj started nervously losing 21-13 at this point they stepped up a gear a took the game to the opposition. Very attacking badminton ensued and Raj played fantastically with some excellent net shots on the move and extremely tightly executed, this repeatedly forced a lift from the opponent leaving Adam to smash to his hearts content. this served as the impetus for a Broomgrove fightback with Raj’s brilliant play allowing for a Broomgrove win in 3 rubbers. On stepped Peter and John for the final encounter with the match evenly balanced at 4-4. After a storming start 15- 7 Phoenix woke up and started pegging points back. However Peters consistancy and Johns movement around court ensured the victory was within touching distance after winning the first game, In the second game another very tight fixture, a hairy moment occurred when John was hit in the eye from a Phoenix smash, however after a minute to recompose himself they sealed the victory with a 21-16 win. Joy and relief was plain to see upon Broomgroves face as the 5-4 victory
was closely fought. Unfortunately for Phoenix that was there 6th defeat of the season nearly every game being 5-4, however from what they showed I’m sure a victory will come their way soon enough.

Next match Abbeydale 6, I believe they have a different set of players from the last time we played them, so another 9-0 is not a result to expect?

Pairings scores

Mark & Jason -13

Adam & Raj +17

Peter and John +3

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