Abbeydale II 3-6 Broomgrove Combined (09/12/09)

From Jen (who should be a sports journalist!):

After a hard fought and gripping game, Broomgrove managed to overturn the defiant Abbeydale!  A mixed start of a ladies loss but a mens victory meant we were even stevens. Peter and Gordon (who stepped in last minute for a crippled Steve) put up a strong fight in a three ended rubber but lost out 21-16 on the final game.  However, Iris and Jen made the score line 2 a piece.  With all still to play for in the mixed and desperate for a win after last weeks unfortunate defeat, we battled on.  Peter and Jen played like pro’s returning all their endless smashing attacks to win comfortably in 2 straight ends.  Adam and Sally, a new but impressive partnership, set of shakily taking their first mixed to 3 ends- but by the third end were settled, and won convincingly.  Gordon and Iris, again another new pairing, battled hard.  They too went to three ends, but despite a gallant effort from both they were defeated.  The score now stands at 4-3.. two games left and only one team to win, the pressure was on.  All nervous, the final two mixed pairs went on knowing one had to win.  Adam and Sally were first to finish, after a beautiful, fluid win.  It seems the pressure was not going to even enter Adam’s cool head. Sally, determined as always to play her heart out, helped ease them to victory.  Peter and Jen who didn’t know the score at this point, lost their first game 21-19 (even though they had a 18-9 lead).  Neither wishing to accept defeat fought hard in the second game and stayed positive, success was sweet, the third end was crunch time and they were feeling good about the second game… The whole game was tense, and it wasn’t until it was 21-13 that anyone could relax! The overall match result 6-3 to Broomgrove!!

Man of the Match- Adam Smith.  After his dramatic loss last week, he put on a new head and won all three games with confidence.  Well done Adam.


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