Broomgrove Combined 3 – 6 Abbeydale I (04/12/09)

The Combined steam train was brought to stop with a bump last night.  However, despite the loss, it was a thoroughly enjoyable match, not least because of the friendliness and good sportsmanship of the visiting team. 

It was also a closer match than the scoreline might suggest.  Gerry spotted that 5 of the 9 rubbers went to 3 games – 4 of those won by Abbeydale 😦 .  So with a few of those going our way, the result could have been very different.

There were some fine performances on the night.  Jen, the birthday girl, was able to win 2 of of her 3, as did her partner, Peter, another victor in 2 of his rubbers.  Sally’s serve was coming on no end, now with a variety that keeps opponents on their toes – backhand, forehand, short, flick – you name it…  

We play the return leg against Abbeydale 1 on January 12th, and before then, we need to tighten up our 2nd and 3rd mixed games – having lost 4 of 4.  With some practice in this area, I have every confidence that we can steal a victory away from home (if we’re not still carrying too many mince pies, that is!).

Next up is an away fixture against Abbeydale II on Wednesday.  Let’s see if we can get back to our winning ways.



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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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